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AMD Graphics Card Radeon RX 570
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Radeon RX 570 is a graphics card from AMD, Its 1240 MHz Boost frequency is supposed to balance the heat and performance, 1170 MHz GPU frequency is not really high, but now the core frequency is not an important parameter to determine the performance of the graphics card, The graphics processor used by the GPU is Polaris 20, Its number of 5.7 billiontransistors has a small gap compared to other brands of the same level of graphics cards. It is neither a leader nor a backward, Although the memory frequency of 1.7 Gbps is not high, it has a certain additive effect on the data processing speed, The entire graphics card layout uses the GCN 4.0 architecture, Its number of 5.7 billiontransistors has a small gap compared to other brands of the same level of graphics cards. It is neither a leader nor a backward, The stream processor is a very important parameter, responsible for coloring and rendering work. Radeon RX 570 stream processing number is 2048, and I believe its coloring and rendering speed should not be slow, The core chip process technology is 14 nm, and every process technology improvement is a huge improvement, 256 bit bit of memory interface, allowing it to instantly through put data, Radeon RX 570 has a number of texture units of 128 that can handle images very finely. That is, the image is not jagged, Although 232 mm² chip area is not large, with the current,AMD process technology, you can put enough transistors, 4 GB GDDR5 video memory doesn't look too big, but it's enough to handle most games, The maximum power is 120 W (the higher the power, the greater the heat), In order to stably perform higher performance, additional power supply is required, and the power supply interface specification is 6 Pin, It has a good single-precision floating-point computing power of 5.0 TFLOPS.

Radeon RX 570, using the GCN 4.0 architecture.

The GCN 4.0 architecture Polaris 20 chip consists of the following main components:

1. Based on Samsung's 14nm FinFET process, it delivers 15% performance improvement and up to 2.8 times power consumption per CU unit than the previous 28nm process.

2. The same macro parallel structure as “Fiji”, 36 groups of CU units are divided into 4 Shader Engines, and each Shader Engines contains 9 groups of CUs. The Shader efficiency of each CU has increased by 15% compared to the previous generation, and the geometry engine has also improved.

3. Four Geometry Units corresponding to Shader Engines and four sets of Rasterizers.

4. The total number of ACE asynchronous computing units is 4 groups. At the same time, there are 2 new sets of HWS designed for asynchronous operations are added in the architecture. HWS is used to better schedule hardware resources and improve the efficiency of asynchronous operations.

5. The L2 cache is twice as large as before, which improves the power efficiency while reducing the memory bandwidth requirement, and is more energy efficient in the memory operation.

Supported Rendering Format
  • HDMI 4K Support
  • 4K H264 Decode
  • 4K H264 Encode
  • H265/HEVC Decode
  • H265/HEVC Encode
  • Supported Technologies
  • Radeon Software
  • Radeon FreeSync Technology
  • 4th Gen GCN Architecture
  • Radeon Chill
  • Radeon ReLive
  • DirectX 12 Technology
  • AMD Eyefinity Technology (Gaming)
  • AMD App Acceleration
  • AMD CrossFire Technology
  • AMD CrossFire (Bridgeless)
  • 3rd Gen 14nm Process Technology
  • OpenCL 2.0
  • OpenGL 4.5
  • AMD PowerTune Technology
  • TrueAudio Next
  • Unified Video Decoder (UVD)
  • Video Code Engine (VCE)
  • Virtual Super Resolution
  • The Vulkan API
  • Radeon RX 580,Radeon RX 570,Radeon RX 560 Parameter comparison
    Radeon RX 580Radeon RX 570Radeon RX 560
    ArchitectureGCN 4.0GCN 4.0GCN 4.0
    Transistor Count5.7 billion5.7 billion3.0 billion
    Process Tech14 nm14 nm14 nm
    Die Size232 mm²232 mm²123 mm²
    Next Gen Compute Units363216
    Stream Processors230420481024
    Texture Units14412864
    Base GPU Clock1248 MHz1170 MHz1173 MHz
    Boost GPU Clock1350 MHz1240 MHz1271 MHz
    Memory Clock2.0 Gbps1.7 Gbps1.7 Gbps
    Peak SP Performance6.2 TFLOPS5.0 TFLOPS2.6 TFLOPS
    Memory Size8 GB GDDR54 GB GDDR54 GB GDDR5
    Memory Bus256 bit256 bit128 bit
    Memory Bandwidth255.0 GB/s225.0 GB/s113 GB/s
    TDP185 W120 W75 W
    Power Connectors8 Pin6 Pin-
    Peak Texture Fill-Rate192.0 GT/s160 GT/s82.3 GT/s
    Peak Pixel Fill-Rate41.69 GP/s40.2 GP/s22.1 GP/s
    GPUPolaris 20Polaris 20Polaris 21
    Tips: The above parameters are for reference only, and certain parameter values may be in error with the official figures.
    Radeon RX 570 driver installation information
    The following is driver installation information, which is very useful to help you find or install drivers for Radeon RX 570.For example: Hardware ID information item, which contains the hardware manufacturer ID and hardware ID. These two ID values are unique and will not be duplicated with other hardware. According to these two ID values, the matching driver information can be accurately found. This method is more effective than any others, and 100% correct.There are many other information items that you can use to find the driver version information and the required driver files.

    The name of the driver type in the system is: , and the drive type GUID is: .

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