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Hard Disk MZMPC032HBCD-000D1
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Basic Parameters
Storage Parameters
16383 current cylinders, 16 current heads, 63 current sectors per track, 16514064 current sectors, 62533296 user-addressable sectors,
MZMPC032HBCD-000D1 (CXM13D1Q) / 128
Transmission Technology
Maximum Block Transfer: 16
Capabilities Supported: DMA, logical block addressing, I/O channel disabled
DMA Modes Supported: DMA-0, DMA-1, DMA-2. PIO Modes Supported: PIO-0, PIO-1
Minimum Multiword DMA Transfer Cycle Time Per Word: 120
Minimum PIO Cycle Time: 120
Minimum PIO Cycle Time IORDY: 120
Additional Supported: Set Max Set Password Unlock Dma, Write Buffer Dma, Read Buffer Dma
Maximum queue depth: 31
Serial ATA Capabilities: SATA Gen1, SATA Gen2, SATA Gen3, NCQ, HIPM, Phy Events, SATA Gen1, SATA Gen2, SATA Gen3, NCQ, HIPM, Phy Events
Serial ATA Features Supported: Dma Setup Auto Activate, DIPM, Software Settings Preservation
Command Set Support: Smart Commands, Security Mode, Power Management, Write Cache, Look Ahead, Host Protected Area, Write Buffer, Read Buffer, Nop, Download Microcode, Set Max, Acoustics, Big Lba, Device Config Overlay, Flush Cache, Flush Cache Ext, Smart Error Log, Smart Self Test, Gp Logging, Write Fua, WWN 64 Bit
Ultra DMA Support: Mode0 (16.7 Mb/s), Mode1 (25 Mb/s), Mode2 (33 Mb/s), Mode3 (44 Mb/s), Mode4 (66 Mb/s), Mode5 (100 Mb/s), Mode6 (133 Mb/s)
Alignment Of Logical Within Physical: 0
NV Cache Capabilities: NV Cache Power Mode Version: 0, NV Cache Feature Set Version: 0, NV Cache Size LSW: 0, NV Cache Size MSW: 0
Nominal Media Rotation Rate: 1
Current APM Level: 0, Acoustic Value (Current/Recommende): 0/128, Stream Min Request Size: 0, Streaming Transfer Time DMA: 0, Streaming Access Latency DMA PIO: 0, Streaming Perf Granularity: 0, Max48 Bit LBA: 62533296, Streaming Transfer Time: 0, Dsm Cap: 8
Physical Logical Sector Size: Logical Sectors Per Physical Sector: 0, Inter Seek Delay: 0, Reserved For Tlc Technical Report: 0
Command Set Support Ext
Write Uncorrectable Ext, Read WriteLog Dma Ext, Download Microcode Mode3
Security Status
Security Supported, Enhanced Security Erase Supported
Data Set Management Feature
Supports Trim
MZMPC032HBCD-000D1 Driver download
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